UX Design

“Optimizing UX pays dividends and provide users with a positive brand experience while they travel through your website. By offering a pain-free user experience, some businesses have achieved a whooping ROI of up to 9,900%. This is where we are here to help - to increase your ROI by improving your User eXperience”

Better UX Design.

As an integral part of the website design process, UX helps to make maintaining the satisfaction of your audience. Without proper optimization, you could be losing potential prospects simply because the flow of your website is confusing to visitors. 40% of people state that they search for an alternate website should the first result not be a mobile-friendly one.

Through experiments and research and a heavily data-driven approach, we are able to pinpoint exactly what your visitors wants from your website and optimize the layout and user flow accordingly to enhance the chance of conversion and keep audiences on your website rather than bouncing.

With about 500-600 algorithm changes year on year alongside updates and design and development aspects affecting ranking positions, can you really afford to lose your customers through bounce rate because your website layout and structure isn’t user-friendly?

UX Optimization Strategy.

The real people who knows exactly what they want from the website are your customers. They will be the ones primarily using your site, so it’s essential that they will be considered at the forefront of your UX strategy.

Once you are able to determine what your visitors expects and is actively looking for from your website, we will optimize the user experience in the following way:

  • The Available Tools

    There are plenty of industry standard tools which can be used to help assess a variety of website ailments and reports which areas need your attention - bounce rate, abandoned carts etc.

  • Know Your Customers

    We use tools like Google Analytics to make sure that we have a proper understanding and better insights of your audiences on their behaviours and buying patterns.

  • Be Mobile Ready

    Websites need to be mobile-ready to ensure higher user satisfaction, which is particularly important with Google’s mobile-first index to be on the top spots in that SEO rankings.

  • Invest in Quality Content

    Unique and engaging content is essential, such as video, can help to increase conversion rates by 80%. Good content that keeps SEO in mind will also boost your search rankings and finally conversion.

  • Choose a CTA

    Using our access to analytical tools, we are able to understand which calls to action resonate well with your visitors, and what your current ones are doing wrong - are they hidden on the page? Are the pointing links relevant? Are they on the best position on the page?

  • Implementation

    Once we have a map of your site planned out with an ideal site structure that your visitors can follow, with the main points in the customer journey where conversion is most likely, we will then get to work optimizing the user experience on your website. Be prepared for your conversions to rise!

Request Your UX Audit.

Are you worried that your website isn’t satisfying your visitors? Or maybe you’re experiencing a high bounce rate but don’t know why?

Our experts can delve into the structure of your site and analyse how your current setup is, or isn’t, working so that you can have up to a whopping 400% increase in your conversion rates.

Scale Your Marketing.

Our UX audit focusses on a more fluid navigation, creation of customer segmentations, SWOT analysis, and advice on retaining and converting more audiences!

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