Market Research

Whether it’s customer or business-led, competitor and market research can reform your digital business strategy. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends allows you to nurture your leads, which can lead up to 50% more sales

We deliver insightful business reports, brand and advertising analysis, competitor & market research, and qualitative or quantitative analytics so you have actionable, data-driven insights which matters.

Competitor Analysis.

Being in business is being clued up about your competition, the market, and both current and potential customers. Our research encapsulates what’s happening in your market and helps you analyze the opportunities that can provide long-lasting ROI. Chatbots, for example, estimated to account 85% of customer communication with brands in the next few years.

We are using the latest market analysis tools, which allow us to show you where you are now and where you could reach with a little help. We gather, evaluate, and act upon the detailed research, delivering competitor market research and analysis of the consumer journey.

We provide you with the weapons to implement significant improvements to your digital marketing initiative. At each step we assist you make sense of it all through our expert audits, ultimately building a bulletproof marketing plan with smart goals. These can include research and implementation of futuristic marketing trends, which can provide a 225% increase in leads that convert to sales.

Market analysis is extremely helpful in your business to move forward – not only your digital marketing strategy but as a whole spectrum, too. Our insights into the current market will give you an invaluable knowhow into your competitors are and aren’t doing, which can help you in wider informed business decisions, online and offline.

It's The Age of

“Fine tune your business strategy with actionable insights on what your competitors are doing and how you can do it better”

  • Market & Industry Research

    Qbytez market research provides deep insights to equip you to new levels of success. Through highly informative qualitative and quantitative reports, we’ll show you precise and relevant research based on your market and trends.

  • Competitor Analysis

    We’ll analyse what your competitors strategies and what’s working for them. Knowing these in-depth data of your industry can set the foundation for major business improvements, and be the basis for your successful digital marketing campaigns.

  • Renowned Research Tools

    Qbytez uses industry pioneers to get unparalleled access to data which matters to your business. We take advantage of high-rated range of tools in the market to discover in depth metrics through unique forms and detailed analytical tools, to provide all important feedback on your market.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    We’ll perform keyword analysis, consumer insight, competitor research, on and off-site content development, site development and tweaking, and numerous other SEO centric market research. It’s all about knowing your industry so you can leverage your website for those all-important SERPs.

  • Consumer Experience

    Get an understanding of your audience. Ask relevant questions to your field and get informed on how to direct your services to consumers. Consumer surveys provide information from your customers – learn directly from your target audience about changes you could make.

  • Customer & Client Analysis

    We’ll talk to audiences and clients for direct insight into your domain. Added to this, we’ll research consumer behaviour patterns through a usability study of your site. We’ll discover what’s best practice so you can optimize your website on this interest.

  • Demographics

    You may have a target demographic in mind for your business, but we dive a little deeper and take a look at your target market and audiences on a more national level to give a better indication of your ideal prospects.

  • Target Market

    Once your customer demographic has been finalized, it’s time to look a little deeper at the wider aspects of what they looking in order to target them effectively. As a reputed brand, for example, you won’t want to be target people who prefer to shop at a specific budget.

  • Market Needs

    Why is your target customers buying patterns? What is it that your brand needs to make your customers choose your brand? We look into the demands of your target market and help you to stay ahead of your competition.

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