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“Email marketing has become much more than a standard conversational content that ends up getting lost in the inbox of your audience. Even a simple welcome mail can boost your bottom line by 320% mated with the right strategy, creative content and systems”

As an email marketing agency with vast experience, we have the expertise to achieve powerful results for your ambitious brand.

Low-Cost Sales Generation.

Email marketing is more and more sophisticated and powerful than ever before and offers businesses a very high ROI typically generating returns of approximately 40:1.

An essential channel in any digital marketing mix, email marketing is not only fast, cost effective and highly profitable, it’s a great relationship and brand building tool as well. Email influences subscribers to revisit your online platforms and gain awareness from your content often.

The Digital Marketing Association suggests that 66% of customers purchase as a result of an email marketing campaign. A McKinsey report indicates that email is about 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined for businesses reach new customers.

Responsive Email
Marketing Services.

Opt-in to Qbytez’s email marketing and make sure your emails are completely on-point and compliant with GDPR standard. We design eye-catching email marketing campaigns and have years’ of collective experience doing so for some of the leading brands out there.

Let us take care of designing messages that are personalised and segmented for your specific audience groups to deliver the highest response rates and return on investment. Whether you are B2B or B2C, Qbytez has the experience in building highly effective email campaigns that generate stunning responses.

  • Strategic Planning

    We take time to fully understand your customer segments and how we can segment your customers for the most effective communication. We can help develop your message tone of voice and deliver automation patterns to direct your customers to your buying funnel.

  • Atomic Design

    We follow atomic design concepts throughout all screen-based designs. Whether it’s email, app or web delivering a set of brand guidelines and design blocks, we ensure that any communication or story, whatever the medium or channel, follows your brand guidelines.

  • HTML Coding

    With such a vast array of devices and email client software, it’s important that the end product renders flawlessly on each and every. We create responsive email templates that are cross-platform tested to assure that your customers will be always having a positive user experience.

  • Personalisation

    Leverage your subscriber database by personalising your email messages for higher engagement and to build credibility and loyalty to your brand. Tailor their experience of your business with the information you have about the recipient, making your emails feel personal and highly relevant.

  • CRM Integration

    We assist you to integrate any CRM platform to leverage content personalization and analytics. This allows you to streamline your communications and create more effective relationships with your email subscribers.

  • Segmentation

    By creating specific customer segments, based on certain behaviours or interests, your business can increase response rates significantly. Big data analytics coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve Marketing Automation funnels and create meaningful and timely communications.

  • Testing & Optimization

    Understanding the customer lifecycle is crucial in mapping a workflow of communication channels. We evolve your campaigns through content personalisation and A/B testing to maximise your conversion.

  • Marketing Automation

    Email automation can drive results even whilst you sleep. Give subscribers the right content at the right time based on predictions and analysis to nurture prospects over a longer period of time.

Attribution Marketing.

The customer acquisition process isn’t linear by any means. Every customer has the potential to take various different routes to convert, and it’s our job to target the customers at the perfect point in time to make the valuable conversion to happen. Adopting a market attribution model can increase your outcome between 15% and 35%.

Email marketing goes hand in hand with other digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, Content Marketing and more, so why not work with us to see how a tailored digital strategy could work for your business?

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