Digital Audit

Do you notice a negative impact on your website traffic, bounce rates, sales targets, social media followings, or any other areas of your marketing strategy?

With marketing technology concerned, on average, 33% of the marketing spent, it’s essential to gain new insight into how your business and your brand could reach current goals and future growth targets.

Digital Checkup.

“Our team makes sure that your entire digital presence is inspected so that you will have a clear idea of where you are now within your industry. We provide actionable insights into what works, what doesn’t, what needs to tweak and what to be left well alone”

Qbytez digital audit looks deep into your website’s engineering, social media accounts, PPC campaigns, email marketing, and much more. We will focus on helping you improve everything digital within your company’s framework, such as ensuring your website has rankable content – which can be doubled or tripled the leads that PPC search advertising does.

We use some of the most thorough analytical and assessment tools available. This means that we do much more than just polishing the surface – we dive deep into and thoroughly audit anything and everything we can get our hands on. All done for helping your business to keep running smoothly.

Digital Audit Services.

A strong and close-knit brand message can help you reach those 46% of website visitors that, on average, leave websites when they find the brand message is inappropriate. We’re here to help you progress your brand online and polish up your digital performance until it sparklingly shines.

From looking for tweakings or improvements to simply get a good eye-ball at how everything is progressing over time, digital audits are more important than most people valuing it. Website performance alone can bring you around 79% of return customers, as the world of digital marketing moves so rapidly that it’s important to take account of your business is performing in regard to the rest of your industry. During a digital audit, our team will take a look at the following forms of your digital strategy

  • Keywords & SEO

    We’ll analyse your SEO efforts to fully understand your current position. We then suggest changes based on the findings. These could be relating to keyword volume, value, opportunity, difficulty or even organic and PPC traffic.

  • Site Architecture

    How your website operates and the structure on which it follows also needs to be weighted, with a specific focus on user experience, and features such as site load times, security, internal linking, landing pages and more.

  • Content Marketing

    As one of the vital digital features of your website, your content would be high priority in our audit. We evaluate all the aspects of content marketing such as inbound links, social media, directories,PR, and determining the quality of your content.

  • Site Performance

    In order to assure that your website will remain online, an audit of how good it performs, in general, will flag up any problems with important features like site search, page rank, site maps, domains and hosts etc.

  • Audience Analysis

    Using a range of tools, we do data analysis to make sure your digital marketing strategy is successful. It’s very important to make sure your website audience to increase conversion rates and engagement. Customer segmantations should be tailored to your business.

  • PPC Analysis

    We understand how utilizing your budget in an intelligent way will provide you the best possible Return On Investment (ROI). Our digital audit service includes all of your paid activity such as social media Asd, PPC Ads, Adsense, Bing, and any other channels you use.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Conducting a competitor analysis is essential for every successful digital marketing campaign. By assessing your online competitors and understanding their online performance, you can easily pinpoint the ideal loop holes to outperform them. This will largely enhance your conversion rate and ROI.

  • Implementation

    We don’t just audit your website! We will make sure that you have both a tangible and comprehensive strategy to be performed. These recommendations can easily be implemented by your inhouse team or ours, but we’ll be with you in every step of the way to ensure your business is shining.

Audit Strategy.

“A digital audit is never be a wrong attempt. There are opportunities that may arise where it would be highly effective to take a look at and what is going on with your digital presence”

We look into your must-haves, should-haves, and could-haves to equip you with expert solutions and strategies. Things such as making a brand new website built to offer the perfect opportunity to take a look at the digital health of your business, and the more clear the information is, the more useful it could be. That’s why we delve into so much detail with our digital expertise – to give you the most precision outlook possible.

As we’re in a digitally-focused era, it’s never been as crucial as it is now to ensure that all your digital platforms are pulling their importance.

Did you measure up?

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