Customer Segmentation

Did you know that building customer segments can offer approximately 73% higher conversion rate?

Understanding what your ideal customers looks like is important to succeeding in business. You need to know about their choices in order to satisfy them, and any extra information that you can compute about them is always helpful when targeting them with your products and services.

Discover Your Customers.

Demographics can generally be too widely varied to make much difference to your results, especially if you have products that are targeted to very different customers. Instead, what about creating a “typical” audience group to cover each of your product or service?

Targeted content helps to improve leads and provide a sales opportunity increase of more than 20%. With access to some of the best analytical tools out there, we’re able to create groups and compile a better targeting strategy for you.

Target with Precision.

“You will be able to use these segmentations to target your audience in a wide variety of marketing materials; websites, content marketing, sales, advertising…the list is long. Knowing your buyers will help you to make the most of your marketing automation processes – vital for future growth!”

By building segmentations, you can target the right people from day one, which means that your business no longer wastes money in targeting people they slightly fit in your audience. It save costs while acquiring higher quality conversion ready leads, as customer segmentation can highly improve the effectiveness with action targeted campaigns!

Informed Decisions In Design & Marketing.

Regardless of your industry, we can create tailored customer segmentations. Our experts use a variety of tools to decide the who, when, what, where and, most importantly, the way of your personalized targeting strategy.

Customer segmentation allow for personalized email content, which increases CTR by 14% and conversion rates by at least 10%. This can translate up to an approximate 18 times higher revenue than non-personalized ones. We browse through what makes your visitors convert, and where to target them within the sales process to get the optimal conversion rate – all using advanced analytics and user data from your website.

We are, after all, a data-driven company who understands what even the most complex data is telling us on your brand – including your ideal target audiences!

Start knowing your Customers.

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