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“Content marketing is about 62% cheaper than other traditional marketing strategies, while helping to generate three times more leads”

Content marketing involves so much more than just posting blogs on your website. Without engaging and relatable content, how would you communicate with your prospects?

Meticulously Researched
and Intelligently Crafted.

Giving both context and information is key when it comes to content marketing. Timing and targeting are also important if you want to make that impact and get your target audience talking about your brand. Approximately 72% of marketers state that content marketing has increased both conversion and engagement for their businesses.

Qbytez Infolab’s content creatives live and dream content marketing; we push your business into the limelight, giving you that very exposure, recognition and quality links that your business needs. This will enhance the authority of your website, meaning more traffic and extra conversions. 84% of people expect companies and brands creates content that is entertaining and informative, that tells stories, that creates experiences and case studies, and that provides solutions.

Content is King.

77% of internet users are blog readers, so it’s essential to have content that actively makes your audience want to stay on your site and convert.

  • Audit & Ojectives

    We’ll take an in-depth look at the content marketing strategy that you currently in place and we’ll compare it with what we know is proven. We will then set SMART objectives to guide us in our strategic planning.

  • Competitor Analysis

    There’s nothing wrong with taking a look at your competitors and digging into their content strategy. We look at who are their target customers, what content works for them and where there is an improvement opportunity - all to boost your own content marketing strategy.

  • Identify Customer Segments

    In order to know who we need to attract by our contents, we need to know what makes them attracted. By identifying customer segments, we’re able to tailor content towards these groups in your audience to increase the chances of a conversion.

  • Content Strategy

    Once we’ve identified our target customer segments and with what style of content, we will create an engaging content marketing strategy custom designed to you and your requirements.

  • Keyword & Traffic Sources

    Working with our SEO team, we will define the best keywords for each of your pages to give them the best possible ranking on the SERPs.

  • Implementation

    Looks impressive? We’ll begin implementing strategies as soon as you give us the GO!. We don’t mess and waste our valuable time - we know how fast you need results!

  • Content Optimization

    As the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, it’s important that your content updated with the times. We continuously carry out optimization to keep and enhance your content ranking and keep those hard-earned positions.

  • Reporting

    Creating regular reports allows us to see how our strategies are performing and where we need to push a little more to enhance your traffic and rankings. We also like to report year on year to see how good or bad we are doing compared to the same period last year.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    We are continuously on the lookout for ways in which we can help enhance your conversion rate. From design changes, content edits, and different CTA’s, we always do our best to give each page the best possible conversion opportunities.

  • Strategy Review

    We like to know that what we are doing is working well, but there will be always a room for doing it better. We spend time and regularly review our strategy and how it aligns with your business plan, making improvements where needed.

Request Your Content
Marketing Audit.

Want your website to rank higher than it is now? With Qbytez, the strain is taken off from your shoulders and your content marketing strategy is placed into the expert hands. Approximately 47% of buyers will view three to five content pieces before they got in touch with your sales team, and it’s important to understand how to measure what’s working and what doesn’t.

During our audit, we take a look at the current position of your digital presence especially website and offer our thoughts and suggestions on the following:

  • SEO Potential

    We look at what is your current position and give advice on how we would be able to boost you to the first page of the SERP.

  • Audience Engagement

    We look into how many people are actually engaging with your website and why.

  • Conversion Rate

    Which pages are converting the best now? Which pages should be converting and how can Qbytez make it happen?

  • Metadata and ALT Tags

    Are all your website tags and metadata up-to-date and keyword targeting?

  • Backlink Health

    Are the backlinks to your website good enough? Are they affecting your website back from ranking higher?

  • Bounce Rate

    Are you keeping your audience engaged on your pages, or are they taking one look and leaving without doing anything with your website at all?

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